Mira Hardt for Body Activation

Mira Hardt for Body Activation


Body Activation, created by dance professional Michele Kadison, is a dynamic new corrective / healing fitness technique designed to strengthen and align the body, reduce tension, revitalize brain power, expand your sense of space, and enhance your body language.

Body Activation is based on the concept of the spiral. This means you are moving your body naturally, like a plant or any living thing in nature. By allowing the body to open through the use of gravity, there is no use of force, but rather a deeply penetrating sensation of letting the body return to its natural state through intelligent and hands-on guidance. You will be surprised at how dynamic and graceful this natural state can feel. 

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Designed for people of all ages and degrees of fitness, Body Activation offers a new way to view the body with a return to the freedom we had when we were children!

Created for our lifestyle today, Body Activation helps you develop healthy physical habits. With all the pressure on our necks, spines, and hips from sitting, typing, and smart-phoning, the technique provides immediate and lasting results as it frees the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons through which all energy and information must flow. 

Through Body Activation, you will discover how to achieve greater range of movement in every sense, without tension or stress. 

Body Activation helps create a body that is fit for life. It creates a graceful body that cuts through space efficiently, using only the muscles and energy it needs to do so. It creates a power that comes from the inside, like a sleek racehorse. It creates a body that is comfortable and injury-free.
— Michele Kadison

how it works for you

With a decades-long career as a dancer, the technique is based on Michele’s knowledge of anatomy and movement. The protocol incorporates many of the precepts found in dance and works on a deep physical level to release old habits and tensions in order to re-shape and revitalize the body. It is designed for everyone – men and women of all ages, walks of life, and fitness levels, so the dance background shouldn't scare anyone! The work is effective for people doing a power fitness practice, as it stretches muscles, tendons, and ligaments, creating more space and fluidity for movement. It is a perfect adjunct for those practicing Yoga or Pilates, with exercises that are quite different, created to get the body into motion through the spiral and very specific attention to correct alignment. For dancers and other performing artists, Body Activation is an excellent coaching technique to develop better alignment, body language, and performing dynamics. Through exercises that are easy to follow and that deepen with every practice, Body Activation helps you feel more comfortable in your body by creating space inside and teaching you how to move without stress.

Immediate greater physical and mental ease make it easy to “catch” better body habits. You will find yourself self-correcting and feel the daily benefits in no time. Through the technique you will connect to your body in a deeper way, which in turn leads to greater self-confidence and a refined body language that radiates out into the world. 
— Michele Kadison

Body Activation is powered by music, a dynamic set of deeply-penetrating exercises, voice, and hands-on guidance. Drawing from the deep understanding of  anatomy, kinesiology, and movement techniques that Michele has achieved as a professional dancer, choreographer, and Master Teacher of the highest caliber, Body Activation helps you achieve the perfect balance between physical mastery, mental clarity, and soulful calm.

"I have worked with Michele for over a year now and I literally crave the energy surge I get from her classes. As a movement coach she’s as demanding of herself as she is of her students, combining great attention to detail and exactitude with respect and understanding for the body’s limits and potential. The classes are upbeat and fun and the more I do with her the more I feel a sense of balance and deep strength that translates to my movement on stage and in life."

Karin Helmstaedt, Berlin
Conference Moderator / Presenter


Benefits of Body Activation

Greater mobility • Increased strength and tone • Increased circulation • Weight loss • Improved posture • Reduced tension • Reduction of pain • Enhanced immune system • Enhanced balance and grace • The pleasure of maintaining better habits on a consistent basis • The fun of working towards a beautiful, lean dancer-like body!

Malik Mangapple for Body Activation / Photo: Yingli Xu

Malik Mangapple for Body Activation / Photo: Yingli Xu


This weekend I participated in some inspiring lectures/classes. The one that really got me thinking about natural body movement, how to align the body and reduce tension was the Body Activation healing fitness technique class by Michele Kadison. It is so true, that even in yoga we sometimes forget that getting into that pose is not why we are here and ego ignores the voice of our unique body and its limitations. As Michele said today: Lets bring more juice into our body by softening and opening it with conscious movement!

Masa | Shameless Yoga, Berlin

"Working with Michele brought me to a new place of body awareness. Body activation released long held tensions that I wasn’t even aware of. I felt taller, leaner and totally aligned. Michele brings wisdom and positivity to all our sessions. I recommend Body Activation for anyone that wants to feel connected, flexible and strong."

Susan Malfitano, New York