"As a chiropractor specializing in sports and an acrobat, I had the pleasure of discovering Michele’s Body Activation class following a recommendation. After the first class I felt instant improvement in my posture and way more freedom of movement in the spine. The way Michele is correcting exercises allows you to make them the way they should be, removing compensations. I have sent many patients to Michele and every one of them has felt the same. The precision of her technique and the way she teaches makes me feel safe to send patients even with high disabilities. I can recommend Body Activation to everybody, from people who want to start to move to elite athletes who wish to improve their bodies."

  • Joan Montserrat, Chiropractor, Berlin

The art of Body Activation enables practitioners to intelligently and elegantly mobilize the entire body. The movements are derived from modern dance, but are based on the natural biomechanic principles of human anatomy and are all done within the parameter of a yoga mat. With Body Activation you get the benefits and feeling of a dance class, but without strain because the movements are slowed down and Ms. Kadison gives alternatives if needed. The exercises are expertly woven together and accompanied by a gently energizing and uplifting soundtrack. I experience Body Activation as a meaningful addition to yoga practice as it opens your perception even more to the possible dimensions of the movement of the human body. It is fun to discover the occasional links to a regular Hatha Yoga practice in some of the exercises. The hallmark of the technique is its founder, Michele Kadison, who teaches with the relaxed yet extremely precise attentiveness of the expert that she is and has been for decades. She brings not only her expertise of movement, but also her deep wisdom of life and compassion for people into her class. Body Activation is a well-rounded and complete training for body, mind and soul, and a great complementary technique for any other movement class.

  • Petra Martin, B.A. Yoga Teacher BDY/ EYU and founder of Puls Yoga Studio and Vast Sky Yoga for businesses

"To have Michele in your city doing Body Activation is a gift. The exercises and movements she showed me in her Master Class in New York have stayed with me and my body feels so much more aligned and healthy because of it. She goes beyond what most instructors do within an hour, and what I took from the class was not only a physical experience, but a life altering one.”

  • Pauletta Brooks, jewelry designer, New York

“I am deeply informed by Michele's technical and artistic experience and abilities, having had her teaching at In Motion Performing Arts Center (IMPAC) and taking her classes for over 10 years. Her initial dynamic Jazz classes, with a warm-up that concentrated on getting dancers into perfect alignment while avoiding injury, has led to her perfectly developed corrective fitness technique, Body Activation, that tunes us in to the details and fine points of movement. Michele is like a doctor, constantly investigating ways to improve the body's ability to move gracefully and comfortably, without stress. Whether coaching dancers, improving the performance of other techniques such as Yoga and Pilates, developing better body language, or working with people from all walks of life who wish to feel more comfortable physically, mentally, and emotionally, Michele's ability to make it all understandable and possible is a gift. In return, we honored her with the IMPAC Lifetime Achievement Award and named a second award after her, which is given to students displaying excellence and achievement in Dance.”

  • Renee Rich, founder/Director in motion performing arts center, miami, florida

"I was amazed by Michele’s technique from my first Body Activation class. While I have done yoga and pilates regularly for 15 years, this incredibly holistic work has brought me a deepened body awareness that I had not ever felt before. Throughout the movements I sense that I am working towards a true understanding of my body’s capacity for movement, grace and flexibility. Everything in Body Activation seems new yet comfortable, challenging yet doable. What I get out of every session is different, and the technique seems to work on just the issue or feeling I am needing to address that very day. And most of all – I am always amazed to notice that I never feel any soreness afterwards – totally the opposite. I consistently feel stronger, more centered, and more connected to and within my body. I feel longer, leaner and totally physically present. This work is just fabulous."

  • Rose Levine, Yoga practitioner, Berlin

“I have known and studied with Michele Kadison for almost twenty years, Michele has an incredible understanding of how the body moves and it’s natural alignment. In addition, Ms Kadison is an excellent teacher and conveys her technique in a clear and precise manner. Body activation is a healthy workout for the mind as well as the body, and is wonderful for students of all backgrounds. "

  • Amy Rose, Family Nurse Practitioner/ board certified ~ Dancer / Pilates Instructor, Boulder, Colorado

"Excellent techniques to loosen up and increase freedom of movement. The short body activation break on day one allowed everyone in the room to regain energy and start into the second half of the day with a fresh mind. Michele gave great advise on how to reduce tension and create inner space - little exercises everyone can do at work. The morning session on day two was more intense and by precisely correcting the exercises, Michele created a whole new level of body awareness. Participants loved it and felt strengthened and at the same time released of long held tensions."

  • European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)

"I highly recommend visiting any class of Michele’s! She’s such a treasure and so is her teaching - as she truly committed her life to body work from the beginning. Many teachers are missing that special spark, or simply knowledge that goes deeper than a normal stretch. I’ve seen this a lot. I love that in Body Activation classes you also get to learn the whole idea about bio-feedback, what effect each exercise has on organs, bones and mind. I’m not getting money to advertise this, I really am in love with this NYC chic!"

  • Paul Auls, Actor, Berlin

"As creative consultant for Toca Events (USA/Brazil), Michele has provided a wealth of insights and performance concepts for our ongoing events. Under her direction, our company has been able to transform the traditional business session format through movement and form by integrating Body Activation as an enhanced program component. In addition to business forums, Toca Events has introduced Michele’s Body Activation methodology to a diverse range of corporate clients and luxury destination hotels throughout the US and abroad…with overwhelmingly positive results!"

  • Sean Gibbons, Toca Event Design & Production

"Working with Michele brought me to a new place of body awareness. Body Activation released long held tensions that I wasn’t even aware of. I felt taller, leaner and totally aligned. Michele brings wisdom and positivity to all our sessions. I recommend Body Activation for anyone that wants to feel connected, flexible and strong."

  • Susan Malfitano, Actress, New York

"This weekend was dedicated to AGAPE ZOE Berlin Festival No. 11. I participated in some inspiring lectures/classes. The one that really got me thinking about natural body movement, how to align the body and reduce tension was the Body Activation healing fitness technique class by Michele Kadison. It is so true, that even in yoga we sometimes forget that getting into that pose is not why we are here and ego ignores the voice of our unique body and its limitations. As Michele said today: Lets bring more juice into our body by softening and opening it with conscious movement!"

  • Masa, Shameless Yoga, Berlin

“Body Activation by Michele Kadison ist weitaus mehr als ein Fitness-Programm. Bei regelmäßiger Praxis können Micheles ausgefeilte Übungen die Heilung körperlicher Dysbalancen einleiten. 2015 begab ich mich mit den Auswirkungen eines alten Sprunggelenkbruchs in Micheles Obhut. Schon nach kurzer Zeit beobachtete ich eine Verbesserung der lange vermissten Beweglichkeit."

"Michele's Body Activation is much more than a fitness technique. It is a soulful healing experience. Suffering from old physical limitations from an old ankle fracture, I reached out to Michele in 2015. Progress showed up faster than expected through regular Body Activation practice.

  • Dr. Regina Korth, Berlin

“I have worked with Michele for over a year now and I literally crave the energy surge I get from her classes. As a movement coach she’s as demanding of herself as she is of her students and she combines great attention to detail and exactitude with respect and understanding for the body’s limits and potential. The classes are upbeat and fun and the more I do with her the more I feel a sense of balance and deep strength, which translates to my movement on stage and in life.”

  • Karin Helmstaedt, Conference Moderator / Presenter