ATTENTION movement professionals!


Cristiana Casadio for Body Activation Photo: Lou Andrea Savoir

Cristiana Casadio for Body Activation Photo: Lou Andrea Savoir

The new healing fitness technique for contemporary culture

created by NYC Master Dance Teacher Michele Kadison

“The more you practice Body Activation, the deeper the effect of each exercise becomes, allowing you to achieve a more profound connection to your physical potential. This connection affects you on all levels, bringing much greater comfort to the body as it releases old tensions and gains new intelligence. In Body Activation, you get deeper into your “feeling” body as you drop the high mental activity that can create judgement, criticism, and stress. Body Activation encourages you to accept your abilities and enjoy the process of expansion.”

If you are a movement professional who wishes to augment your teaching abilities and income, Body Activation allows your accomplishments to shine, as you will be able to incorporate and expand upon what you already know from your profession. Body Activation is ideal for those wishing to teach an innovative healing fitness technique that is uniquely designed from a dance perspective.

The Body Activation technique opens and liberates the body, helping students find their highest movement potential. Using a practical and intuitive understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, Body Activation helps people of all ages and fitness levels find greater ease by using natural spiraling movements, the weight of gravity vs force, and the inner muscles to establish a balanced and stable core.

Requirements: prospective trainers must have a movement or dance background, along with curiosity, creativity, and the desire to pass on healing knowledge.

For more information on how to qualify and apply for teacher training, please contact Michele Kadison at: