Photo: Ishka Michoka

Photo: Ishka Michoka


For those of you who enjoy inspirational podcasts, you can hear me (aka kadisova) speak about ideas on health, living a full life, the pursuit of harmony, love, finding joy, and more! Recorded in the moment, each podcast is a spontaneous talk designed to spark and engage!

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Your Authentic Self

The very first episode of "kadisova talks!" How does the rejection of your authentic self serve stress levels? What are the tools for tuning into your feeling body to discover your authentic self? How can we give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are, without judgement or comparison? Tune in and find out!

Wow! Please have a listen to my longtime friend , spiritual mentor, anchor and inspiration Michele Kadison from Body Activation. I can’t believe I can listen to her on repeat now, as her words have always been the most healing to me. Michele is a true bomb, and when she says “juicy,” she really means it! Juiciest off all fruits out there, with life stories that make your jaw drop.
— Paul Auls
Photo by Malik Mangapple

Photo by Malik Mangapple

When you’re in conversation or exchange with Michele, it feels like you’re in a bowl of warm honey!
— Alexander von Hausen
 Michele, thank you! I love to be in the frequency bath of your voice and the fragrance of the content of your words!
— Bettina Eliah