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Feel as lean and dynamic as a dancer!

Refine your body language so that you can move through life with confidence and grace!

Stretch, strengthen and heal the body and mind. Correct posture, reduce back and neck pain, maximize circulation, improve focus and work/creative performance through greater mental clarity and increased energy. 


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Health needs and goals can vary wildly depending on the person. Whether you wish to work through past trauma or injuries, hone your body language skills, enhance your sports performance, or simply achieve the body you always wished to have, privates are attuned to your specific learning curve, and ideal for busy schedules. 

We warmly recommend one or two privates as an accelerator to get the most out of the technique during Open Classes, especially for first timers.

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Please register for an open class or book your privates below


group CLASS

Learn the basics of the Body Activation technique and how to apply them to your daily life

mondays 20:00 - 21:15 @ Studio puls

  • 15€ single class

Monthly payment:

  • 52€ / 4 classes  - good for 5 weeks

Thursdays 9:30 - 11:00@ vuesch ~  Intermediate Movers only!!

a perfect class for expanding your movement potential. For performers this is a great class for improving stage dynamics, line, and technique

  • 15€ per class


FIRST TIME Private class

one hour and 1/4 class

includes a 15 minute consultation

one time payment:

  • 90€ 


Regular monthly private classes

contact for rates