Yes. Please tell me in advance so that I can prepare and modify the appropriate exercises.

My fitness level is very low, can I come?

Body Activation is designed for every fitness level, every body type, and every age.


No. Body Activation is a unique technique that I developed out of a very popular dance class warmup that I have taught for years. There are exercises that may look like yoga, but Body Activation is structured and designed from a dancer's point of view. 

Is it dancing?

No. Body Activation is done on a mat.  That being said, you may feel like you are dancing, as it is created to get you into movement with grace and ease.

what should I wear?

Comfortable clothing you can stretch in- bare feet and bring a yoga mat!


You might and might not. This depends on your body type. Many people think if they don't sweat they are not getting much out of the exercise. With Body Activation this is not true. The work goes very deep and you will feel it, but not necessarily with your sweat glands! In fact many of my students are happy to be able to skip out of class and go straight on about their often busy days. 

What is the benefit of a private class?

Private classes are specially tailored for you. We decide what you need to work on from week to week, taking into your present limitations and your goals. The one-on-one approach gives you a deep benefit through being the sole focus for corrections and adjustments.

How long will it take to feel and see the benefits?

You will feel the benefits immediately. Body Activation helps you return to a natural way of movement that feels comfortable and right. As you take more classes, the technique will take root in your body and you will see the benefits in your posture, your flexibility and strength, and a more positive attitude towards yourself and life.

As we become more conscious about our bodies, a corrective fitness class becomes more attractive, as it not only affects the physical self, but also the mind and spirit. A body that functions with directed power guided by ease of movement creates a mind that does the same.
— Michele Kadison