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Managing life with a sense of humor, with the understanding that pleasure is something to be coveted, and with a sense that we can achieve whatever we wish for is a way to raise our frequency. When we don't take ourselves too seriously, when we find the joy in tasks no matter if they are small or momentous, we are able to develop ourselves with the flavors of love, respect, and consciousness.

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We don't have to love someone all the time. Instead we can acknowledge what they may need for their own growth process without having to embrace it or be next to it. With wisdom and flexibility we can accept our moments of not loving if their behavior gets in the way of our own health or boundaries, but without having to cut the underlying cord of love.

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We need to be flexible in order to survive. Today more than ever we need to be able to shift our course quickly. We need to be adaptable. Just when we think we're going in a certain direction about to obtain a particular objective, things change. We need to be elastic enough to handle the unexpected and to find ways to thrive no matter what the conditions. This requires a body and mind that is free and able to be spontaneous.

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