Lee Tom for Body Activation

Lee Tom for Body Activation

Body Activation is designed to awaken the whole being, which it does through the work we do with the body. We all know that everything is connected, so when we talk about the body/mind/spirit connection it is not difficult to image how one affects the other.

Because the principle behind the Body Activation technique is creating more space in the body by softening the connective tissue (fascia), releasing tension from the muscles, and freeing the joints, it stands to reason that when we move a part of the body that hasn't felt any release for a long time, we may have an emotional reaction.

The body is so intelligent. It will often store your physical reaction to stress or trauma in an area where it believes you'll never find it! Start moving and opening that area, and voila!...that stored emotion is released and a catharsis ensues. There may be tears of grief and then relief as the sensation of a difficult experience dissolves.

The process of clearing the body of unnecessary stored emotions, tensions, and trauma can be an exciting adventure when you understand that by releasing deep-seated stress you are freeing yourself both physically and psychologically. Through bypassing mental analysis and going straight to the physical results of letting go, you are opening yourself up to big changes that can help you reach a much higher physical and mental potential.

Almost all Body Activation regulars will attest to the fact that they felt profound changes in their physical and mental states after their first class, with the technique creating on-going measurable results through repetition over time. Working through blocks can be quite eye-opening, but if you are willing to meet the challenge, the rewards allow you to feel much freer and infinitely more at ease in body, mind, and spirit.

My advice to you if you are new to Body Activation is not to be afraid to feel what you are feeling if you do have a strong emotional reaction during or after a class. This is your body's way of thanking you for opening up and releasing what you no longer need. Of course, having an emotional reaction is not a prerequisite for accomplishing great things in the class. No matter what, every Body Activation class will always bring you to a more expanded result.

Letting go of judgement and self-criticism, being in the moment, and having fun with your new discoveries as you observe what you are feeling is what is most important. How exciting it is to make your own personal discoveries with every exercise as you release tension and increase your emotional awareness!