Photo by Genessa Panainte for Unsplash

Photo by Genessa Panainte for Unsplash

We are all energy, this we know. And in knowing this, we understand that energy can be calibrated in terms of vibration and frequency. We all feel the vibration of emotions, some of us more than others, depending on our sensitivity. We can feel the vibration of a person who is angry, and this vibration creates a frequency that drives us away. We can feel the vibration of someone who is at peace with her/himself, and this creates a wish to be closer to this person. When we are in the presence of people who emanate a sense of calm, of confidence, of good will.we want to share their frequency, and often just by being near this type of energy, ours changes for the better too.

How we think, how we behave, and what we feel inside determines the frequency that we emanate. If what we think determines how we are vibrating to ourselves and the outside world, then it is obvious that we must take charge of the content of our thoughts and beliefs in order to create a positive energy within and without.

We all want to contribute to life in some way...we all wish to love and be loved, and we all wish to be appreciated for what we do. But many times our minds get in the way, telling us that we are not good enough, we are not talented enough, we are not worthy enough, or that we can never be perfect so why try to do anything at all? This way of thinking affects our energy level, thus affecting our vibration, our frequency. When we start to change our minds about these things, we begin the beautiful journey of changing our frequency.

We can change our frequency using a powerful technique that can become a habit if we understand how to do it. No easy task perhaps, but altogether possible. This technique has to do with “rewriting” your inner story by changing the negative experiences you have had in life to positive stories. Let's say you have had a specific abuse in life that has caused you to feel bad about yourself. Instead of dwelling on the actual material that happened, you can use your imagination to rewrite this story in a way that is positive, thus transforming your negative memory into something uplifting and positive. It is not a lie. It is a re-working of reality. There is scientific proof that shows that the last thing we remember is what stays with us, so if I was bullied in school and am remembering this all the time, I will stay in a state that has been affected by this experience. But if I imagine that I was never bullied, but instead admired for being different and I create a vivid story around this through my imagination and desire, this will be the last memory I have of the event, creating a positive energy that is undeniable.

I have experimented with this technique after reading the powerful book, “The Healing Code,” by Alexander Loyd Phd and Ben Johnson MD, and was able to alter some very deep and destructive memories by changing them into positive scenarios. The emotional and physical release after doing so was enormous and allowed me to move on and away from being caught up in something that no longer served me.

Managing life with a sense of humor, with the understanding that pleasure is something to be coveted, and with a sense that we can achieve whatever we wish for is a way to raise our frequency. When we don't take ourselves too seriously, when we find the joy in tasks no matter if they are small or momentous, we are able to develop ourselves with the flavors of love, respect, and consciousness. And as we change our frequency, others feel it and are affected as they step into our field. In this way we also help to change the world. Through an uplifted frequency we move away from ego and narcissism and move closer to service, which is the best way to feel good about ourselves as we give to others. By using our imagination to envision the life we wish to have and the person we wish to be, we become closer to this as a reality, realizing that it is not a distant path, but something quite within reach after all. No matter what our background, experience, or age, we all have the power to change our frequencies to make a new story come true.

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