Liisi Vihavainen for Body Activation

Liisi Vihavainen for Body Activation

With such an enormous emphasis on fitness and all the protocols out there to choose from - everything from Cross Fit to yoga - most people focus on what these techniques promise as an end result. Whether it is strength, tone, stretch, or expanded aerobic ability, the result-oriented approach does not necessarily ask the practitioner to concentrate on details of alignment as it relates to maintaining healthy positions throughout training.

Throughout my career as a dance teacher and fitness professional, I have a seen a tremendous amount of misaligned bodies and injuries due to emphasis on specific areas of the body without attending to the subtle factors of the“how and why.” As people become aware of what can result from bad form and lack of proper instruction, the call towards corrective fitness becomes more important.

I consider myself a doctor of body alignment. As a dancer, it is essential to keep the body in optimum working form so that we can perform with ease and longevity. When I look at many of my students I see people who are trying to achieve something by using effort and through looking at a “picture” of what they think is correct, rather than trying to understand how the body works, specifically one's own body, as each of us is so different from the other, with specific challenges and abilities all our own.

Corrective fitness address the question of how and why. How do I do this particular movement and why is this manner of doing it going to assist me in achieving greater mobility? How does each part of the body relate to the other and how can I use these relationships to increase my abilities? How can I make a movement with the least amount stress and tension while creating the greatest amount of possibility?

The Body Activation technique asks students to become more curious about how their bodies move and react. It asks students to go inside the body, working from an inner core experience that mirrors nature's spirals, rather than to focus on exterior-based movement. The technique emphasizes ways to connect parts of the body so that they work in a harmony that penetrates the deep layers of muscle, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. As the body develops from the inside to outside, old habits begin to unravel, revealing a body that is as fresh as it was when the student was a child, moving naturally and freely.

Created as a coaching method for dancers to increase their performance values, artists to better express themselves corporally, and finally the general public to find greater space and ease inside their bodies, Body Activation's corrective abilities are felt immediately. The body wants to be comfortable! When it is given exercises that are natural, regardless of their demand in terms of difficulty, the body entrains to them, embracing them and slowly unravelling and releasing traumatized barriers. Body Activation's corrective healing method helps the body become juicier, which means more flexible as it gains strength, tone, and aerobic expansion.

Body Activation helps create a body that is fit for life. It creates a graceful body that cuts through space efficiently, using only the muscles and energy it needs to do so. It creates a power that comes from the inside, like a sleek racehorse. It creates a body that is comfortable and injury-free.

As we become more conscious about our bodies, a corrective fitness class becomes more attractive, as it not only affects the physical self, but also the mind and spirit. A body that functions with directed power guided by ease of movement creates a mind that does the same.

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