Model: Cristiana Casadio / Photo: Lou Andrea Savoir

Model: Cristiana Casadio / Photo: Lou Andrea Savoir

Right now the trend in exercise has become extreme, with Cross Fit, Freeletics, and other forms of strength training the workout of choice for many. While this does create a powerful body, it is essential to remember that without proper stretching, the body can become very tight when your concern is only on developing muscle power.

Bulking up can reduce the space inside the body, with muscles getting larger and ligaments and tendons getting tighter. Additionally, this can cause a buildup of lactic acid, which makes it more difficult to enjoy a full range of movement. With a good stretching protocol, the entire body has the chance to become more flexible no matter what form of power training you do.

With today's overuse of iPhones and computers, we're already putting a lot of stress on our necks, spines, and hips. Add to this the popularity and intensity of power training, and we have a formula for strong bodies that can't move.

When we move freely by opening up the body, we also open up the mind, as everything we do is related. The more possibilities of motion we have, the healthier we become, allowing circulation to run freely though all of our parts, both physical and mental. When we stretch, we expand the muscles, ligaments, and facia, which helps us release tension and stress.

To balance out your power workout, find classes like Body Activation that are designed for today's lifestyle. Body Activation was created to add juice and flexibility to your joints and muscles, lubricating the body and mind and adding to your health, no matter what your personal aesthetic or basic exercise choice.

Whatever fitness protocol you choose, stretching should be thought of a a necessary vitamin that adds balance and elegance to your body and mind. Techniques like Body Activation will help you feel like a fine racehorse enjoying ease in action no matter how challenging the track.