Whether you're a performer, a presenter, an executive, or just out there in the world, body language plays an enormous part in how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others. How we stand, walk, sit, use our hands, and place our gaze speaks of how we relate to the world, and this is transmitted immediately to those around us.

When we refine and expand our body language we begin to truly inhabit our bodies. When we own our bodies this way, we can better express the feelings, emotions, and passions that are appropriate to the moment.

Gaining mastery over our bodies brings a delicious sense of personal ease. And it is in this ease that we give others permission to feel easy too.

The Body Activation technique is designed to help refine and expand physical language through a perfectly thought-out sequence of movements that create more space inside the body. As this space expands, so does our mental capacity. Through the sensation and reality of creating more space between the joints and bones, the muscles are able to relax, tendons and ligaments get juicier, and our range of movement expands. With greater range of physical movement (and its consequence of improved mental range) we can play with our body language, transmitting a wonderful sense of command that is both palpable and contagious!

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