Everyone has the potential for achieving a superior and efficient body that can move easily through space. No matter if you are male or female and no matter your body type or your age, everyone can arrive at better fitness through the release of tension, the awareness of proper body alignment, and increased strength and tone.

Strengthening the Core

The Body Activation technique focuses on both the primary and secondary muscles, with special focus on the spindle muscles. These muscles lie at the heart of each larger muscle, sending important information to the central nervous system. Targeting this area, along with the ligaments and tendons, Body Activation strengthens the “core” through simple, yet deeply penetrating exercises to help you achieve a body capable of mastering a wide range of activities.

Working With Your Particular Physical Needs

A Body Activation class is structured with sensitivity and intelligence from beginning to end. It warms you up, works with your particular physical needs, and invites you to go deeper and further with each class. Perfect for dealing with injuries and blockages, every exercise is designed to heal, strengthen, and open the body to a greater range of movement.

Creating Better Health

Because Body Activation works on the deepest levels of the body, it has a profound, positive, and cumulative effect on the immune system, making it stronger and more able to defend the body against illness and disease. Through a steady diet of Body Activation classes, you will feel suffused with a new energy that takes hold physically and mentally. 

Lighter and Stronger

Because Body Activation enhances the mind/body connection to create a better balance between mental function and physical action, students feel lighter, stronger, more positive, and inclined towards a healthier and more positive lifestyle in general.  

Totally Integrative

As a completely integrative exercise and fitness program, Body Activation is ideal for anyone wishing to release tension inside the body, create more space throughout the spine, feel greater freedom of movement, achieve better muscle tone, gain more strength, stay disease and stress-free, feel more relaxed, and rising to one's full potential!

With decades as a professional dancer/choreographer/teacher, Michele Kadison brings together an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, injury prevention and healing, and an intuitive approach to training the body through precise imagery, instruction, and hands-on guidance.