Are you aware of the incredible importance the lymph glands have in the upkeep of health? Once you understand their function, you will be amazed at their power to keep your immune system in top notch form.

The entire lymphatic system includes the tonsils, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, lymphatic fluid, vessels, and lymph nodes, with each area performing its own precious function. The lymph glands produce lymphocytes, or white blood cells, with the thymus and bone marrow as the primary manufacturers. These lymphocytes are essential warriors when it comes to keeping illness at bay.

The lymphatic system is composed of vessels filled with a clear fluid that directs the lymphocytes to all areas of the body to wage their battle against infected cells. This fluid also carries away the dead cells, toxins, and metabolic waste from healthy areas in the body, eliminating them through urine, mucus, sweat, and bile.

It's pretty obvious when our lymph nodes are swollen, and it happens when our bodies are out of balance. Located in the armpit area, the groin, neck, and around the blood vessels in the chest and abdomen, these nodes are like mini holding stations that filter the lymphatic fluid and catch microbes for our system's warriors to conquer. When we're not getting enough lymphatic flow in and out of the nodes, inflammation occurs.

Interestingly, we have around three times more lymphatic fluid in our bodies than blood. Blood, however, comes with a pump (the heart) that makes sure it's delivered everywhere. Lymphatic fluid, on the other hand, is delivered through the use of our muscles. With every muscular contraction, the fluid circulates through one-way valves that are located throughout the body. Conclusion: the more we activate our bodies, the more we circulate our lymphatic fluid and keep the flow alive!

With the constant bombardment and invasion of toxins we face in our daily lives, whether it is from our food, the environment, or stress, it is critical that our bodies are constantly detoxifying. When this process is not in optimal function, toxins build up, eventually causing acidity, toxemia, and ultimately disease.

By activating the body we move our lymphatic fluid, flush out impurities, and clean our entire system in the deepest way. So now, when you think about exercise, you won't just think about losing weight or toning your muscles, but also how you are strengthening the immune system and paving your way towards optimum, shining, juicy health!