The body is so intelligent on its own. It tells us when to slow down, it lets us know when we've had too much of a good thing (or a bad thing!), when we need to rest or sleep, when we need to eat, when we need to stop eating to let our digestive systems recuperate, and so much more. When we are sensitive to our body, we can count on it to help us become healthier. When we are sick, a cold asks us for food to bolster up the immune system; and a fever asks us to let the body burn away whatever it is fighting in order to get well. We only have to respect what the body requires and we will be that much closer to our own natural way of finding balance.

In fitness training, the body also speaks to us. It tells us when we've gone too far or when we can press on a little harder. In conscious physical training, we can use the body's natural tendencies to open up in order to create greater flexibility. We do this by honoring gravity, letting the connective tissues become more elastic by allowing our natural weight to expand the body as we release tension without force. We do this by permitting the body to dictate its limits in the moment, even as we gently push it further.

When we practice deeper awareness of the body, noticing where we hold stress, noting where our limits are on a given day, finding exercises and techniques that strengthen and tone us through correct alignment, along with the use of the core muscles, we achieve more lasting results. When we work with the body's natural intelligence, we are less prone to injury, sickness, and dis-ease.

The body wants to be comfortable and happy. By returning to the way we were when we were children, before deep stresses and repetitive habits set in, we restore the body's ability to expand and come closer everyday to reaching our full physical potential.