Hanna and Tina Lange for Body Activation

Hanna and Tina Lange for Body Activation

Now that Body Activation classes are gaining traction with clients recognizing the deep and lasting benefits it produces, more Teacher Training courses are being offered worldwide. With two new teachers already based in Berlin, Germany (Hanna and Tina Lange); along with well-known performer and teacher, Gustavo Moro, teaching the technique within his Jazz dance classes in Buenos Aires, Michele Kadison is offering training to movement professionals who wish to take part in a protocol that enhances their knowledge, allows them to expand their own creativity, and helps clients feel better in their bodies.

Investigating the Body's Possibilities

The beauty of teaching the Body Activation technique is that it guides trainers to understanding how to better investigate the body's possibilities. For potential teachers, it is not merely learning new exercises, but inspiring them to keep their teaching vibrant through a sustainable technique that encourages constant, intelligent, and relevant investigation.

Guided by Seasoned Professionals

The beauty of practicing the Body Activation technique is that it is a guarantee that you as a student are guided by a seasoned professional who already has a background in movement/dance. Like a doctor, Body Activation teachers are trained to help you find out where you're holding stress while helping you maximize your movement potential. Additionally, students are constantly corrected so that the proper movement habits and patterns are in place to heal and strengthen the body. Because only movement professionals are accepted to teach the technique, students of Body Activation can feel confident knowing that they are in the hands of instructors who understand the body from both an anatomical and kinesthetic point of view.

A Pathway of Discovery

Body Activation encourages teachers and practitioners to go deeper into the body in order to open up more space through specific movements that are based on natural movements. The technique inspires you to discover what the body is truly able to do, no matter your level of fitness or age. Teachers and students are challenged to continually ask “what can I do to take the body further now?” In this way, Body Activation is not just a fitness protocol, but it is also a pathway of discovery, which makes it very exciting to teach and do.

Progressing to a Higher Level in Each Class

The Body Activation technique includes specific vocabulary that speaks to the deepest parts of the body through command and imagery. At the end of each class we have a powerful meditation that is a fundamental part of the learning experience. Each meditation further activates the body/mind/spirit on a cellular level through an imprint taken from the active part of the class. Then in meditation, we are guided through imagery and metaphor to seal the physical information into the cells, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons to create a memory that carries us into the next class. And so we progress to a higher level each time!

A Technique that Lives and Grows!

Because Body Activation places us in a constant state of discovery, it is really fun to do if you are curious about your own potential! As teachers and practitioners, we become investigators who are not just teaching or practicing the same thing every day. Instead we take pleasure in the nuances and details found through exploring each movement. This leads to on-going positive changes that come from a technique that is a living and growing thing.

Creating a Thoroughly Integrated Self

Body Activation is truly the new healing fitness technique for contemporary culture, working to overcome the challenges we have today which come from sitting too long, looking at our devices for too long, and staying in the grip of limited thinking. Through the expansion of the body, the mind and spirit naturally follow along, helping to create a thoroughly integrated self that continually pushes the limits to make for a more comfortable, healthy, and dynamic state of being.

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