Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation

Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation

Recent statistics for EU corporate culture state that employee absence due to illness averages roughly 17 days per year. Multiply that by the amount of people working in public and private sector and you see what an enormous impact this has on your company's bottom line. In a study generated by the Charted Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK, it has been determined that the yearly cost for employee sick days is an average of a whopping 29 billion pounds! Obviously this creates an enormous impact on business, as absent workers lowers overall company productivity. On top of this is the obligation to provide sick pay, the need to locate and train temporary help, potential customer dissatisfaction, and perhaps even a lowered company morale as remaining workers take on the extra workload.

In this world where we are all attached to our computers and smartphones whether we are at work or not, the primary reason for employee sick leave is due to musculoskeletal problems, such as neck and back pain, with 31 million days lost per year. The common cold comes in second, with a loss of 27 million days; and mental health problems come in third, causing a loss of 15 million days overall.

For humanitarian reasons, helping your employees maintain their health is of the utmost importance. For maintaining the health of your business's daily operations, it is tantamount.

Body Activation by Michele Kadison is designed to help you as a company owner elevate the quality of life for your employees by providing early intervention. Known as the “healing fitness technique for contemporary culture,” Body Activation exercises help practitioners discover more space in their bodies in order to feel greater comfort throughout the day. With movements that open up the hips, spine, and neck, we receive an energy boost that pervades the entire body and refreshes the mind. This provides a tremendous boon to the immune system, as spinal fluid is activated, muscles and joints are lubricated, and nerves are soothed. As the immune system strengthens through a specific set of exercises, we feel stronger, abler, and more balanced. And as this occurs, the mind is triggered, igniting greater clarity, creativity, and energy.

What greater gift can you give your employees, as well as your business's bottom line, than weekly classes in a technique that was created to provide greater productivity?

Body Activation can easily be incorporated into your corporate workshop sessions, retreats, and most effectively, during breaks in the day to help employees refresh body, mind, and spirit. By providing time for this practice, you will be rewarded a thousand-fold with fewer sick days that goes with a heightened degree of body / mind awareness.

Body Activation exercises are easy to follow and can be adapted to people of any age and level of fitness. The results are immediate.

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