Cristiana Casadio for Body Activation

Cristiana Casadio for Body Activation

One of the great benefits of Body Activation is the imprint it makes on the body after each session. With repeated exercises providing a kind of biofeedback, the technique emphasizes movements that the body knows are healthy. Because these movements are natural and done without force, it becomes easier with each lesson to release the tension holding the fascia, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

By respecting the advantages of gravity rather than force, students can go deeper into physical release with every class, as the body remembers what to do. In this way a profound entryway is made for the body to reach its highest potential. As proficiency increases, new movements are introduced that allow you to explore even greater range and possibility.

As the body loosens, so do mental constructs that may be holding you back. We all know that everything is related: the body, mind, and spirit, so this comes as no surprise. Body Activation is able to create a physical and mental ease that affects how you ultimately relate to your body, to your inner life, to others, and to the world.

Body Activation is truly designed for the body in motion. Unlike many other fitness protocols, the exercises are made to affect every single thing you do, even down to the simplest thing such as reaching for a cup of coffee! You can reach with the arm coming from the shoulder, creating tension there... or you can reach from your shoulder blade which creates no tension at all.

With the benefits of this biofeedback system, a consistent Body Activation practice brings you to a state where your body can find release in everyday movements, not just inside of a class. You start to notice where you are holding tension when you are sitting, standing, and moving around. You start to feel better when you return to the alignment you've learned through the technique where your body feels more open, receptive, and free. Old habits fade away as the body gravitates to what feels right.

The body wants to be healthy, fluid, and at ease. Body Activation helps to activate the innate memory of every part of our physical structure to where it was way before it began accumulating stress and blockages.

With Body Activation its all in the details. Through muscle memory, the body begins to feel better. With consistent practice, you will be brought to a state where your body feels more and more comfortable as it remembers how to move without tension.

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