The Technique: Fitness for Today's World

Body Activation is designed for contemporary culture. Most of us are sitting for too long, which creates tension and stiffness in the spine. Looking at the computer screen or our smartphones is also creating way too much tension in the neck and back, leading to many problems that only get worse as time goes by.

Ishka Michocka Photography / Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation

Ishka Michocka Photography / Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation

A Technique for Today's Lifestyle

Body Activation is created for today's lifestyle, helping you to free your spine, neck, and entire body, while revitalizing brain power and reducing (even eliminating) stress!

How it Works

Body Activation is powered by music, a dynamic set of deeply-penetrating exercises, hands-on guidance, and the potential YOU bring to the class through a technique that helps you find greater physical health.

Using time-tested movements based on a deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, the technique works with spiraling movements and gravity to free the muscles, strengthen the bones, and create a greater sense of ease when you move through your daily life. 

With Body Activation you will experience:

  • Greater mobility
  • Increased strength and tone
  • Increased circulation
  • Weight loss
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced tension
  • Reduction of pain
  • Enhanced physical health
  • Enhanced balance and grace
  • The pleasure of maintaining better habits on a consistent basis
  • The fun of working towards a beautiful, lean dancer-like body!
Yingli Xu Photography

Yingli Xu Photography

As a chiropractor specializing in sports who is also a semi-professional acrobat, I had the pleasure of discovering Michele’s Body Activation class following a recommendation.

After the first class I felt instant improvement in my posture and way more freedom of movement in the spine. The way Michele is correcting exercises allows you to make them the way they should be, removing compensations.

I have sent many patients to Michele and every one of them has felt the same. The precision of her technique and the way she teaches makes me feel safe to send patients even with high disabilities. I can recommend Body Activation to everybody, from people who want to start to move to elite athletes who wish to improve their bodies.

— – Joan Montserrat, Berlin, Germany
Working with Michele brought me to a new place of body awareness. Body activation released long held tensions that I wasn’t even aware of. I felt taller, leaner and totally aligned. Michele brings wisdom and positivity to all our sessions. I recommend Body Activation for anyone that wants to feel connected, flexible and strong.
— – Susan Malfitano, New York