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Written to go hand in hand with the Body Activation technique, The Body In Form is an intuitive and dynamic approach to health that focuses on diet, exercise, a positive mental attitude, and a soulful approach to the way we live. The Body in Form is written as a loving letter to your body, mind, and spirit. It is an invitation to live your life with more consciousness in terms of what you choose as your daily wellness habits, including food, medicine, and physical practices. 

The Body in Form book series is designed to bring you information regarding time-tested health practices and natural formulas. Let your health discoveries bring you joy! Learning how to treat yourself well is a great adventure in helping you discover your highest potential in shining health. 

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This book is not only filled with pages of very practical information for your everyday life, but it is enlightening. Michele’s words are healing above all... I came away from this book honestly wanting to take care of my body. And she writes in a very easy to read voice, so anyone can understand the professional-level information packed into this book. I didn’t know about such things like even though all healthy foods are healthy, some are acidic and some are base, and how the combinations can affect the way they are processed in the body etc...
highly recommended!
— Chloe123
Beautifully written...
— Linda Nadler