A Master Teacher in Fitness

Michele Kadison has created a fresh approach to fitness through the knowledge she has gained from many decades as a Master Dance teacher in Contemporary Jazz. Originally from N.Y.C., she has taught Jazz as well as the Body Activation technique all over the world, with an emphasis on healing and returning the body to its natural balanced state. 

Michele has a unique and finely-tuned intuitive approach to strengthening, toning, and balancing the body through precise imagery and hands-on guidance. Her personal approach to each student makes Body Activation powerfully appealing to those seeking an experienced guide who can help bring comfort, strength, and flexibility back to their bodies.                                     

As Creative Consultant and Fitness Director for TOCA Events (USA/Brazil), Michele is expert at adapting Body Activation to corporate in-house and business session environments, helping people reduce stress, heighten mental acuity, and maximize overall performance. 

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Ishka Michocka Photography

Ishka Michocka Photography

The more you practice Body Activation, the deeper the effect of each exercise becomes, allowing you to achieve a more profound connection to your physical potential. This connection affects you on all levels, bringing much greater comfort to the body as it releases old tensions and gains new intelligence. In Body Activation, you get deeper into your “feeling” body as you drop the high mental activity that can create judgement, criticism, and stress. Body Activation encourages you to accept your abilities and enjoy the process of expansion.

— – Michele Kadison