The New Healing Fitness Technique for Contemporary Culture

Maximizing Physical Potential / Minimizing Tension


Body Activation, created by dance professional Michele Kadison, is a  dynamic new healing fitness technique designed to strengthen and align the body, reduce tension, and create more inner space in order to get you moving comfortably.

As a deeply effective technique, Body Activation helps you develop healthier physical habits through exercises that invite you to become more aware of your potential as you discover how to achieve greater range of movement without tension or stress.  

Body Activation is created for our lifestyle today. With all the pressure on our necks, spines, and hips from sitting, typing, and texting, the technique provides immediate and lasting results as it frees the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, helping you find greater physical and mental ease. 

As opposed to linear movements, Body Activation uses the concept of the spiral. This means you are moving your body naturally, like a plant! By allowing the body to open through the use of gravity, there is no force, but rather a deeply penetrating sensation of letting the body return to its natural state through intelligent and hands-on guidance.

In Body Activation, you can't get away with your old habits!  Instead, you are directed to a healthier way to move. Through Body Activation you will gain an abundance of energy, purpose and dynamism as you get out of your own way and let your body find health!

Francesca Mey Photography 

Francesca Mey Photography 

Opening up the joints and spine allows blocked energy to release, affecting not just the physical self, but also mind and spirit….
— Michele Kadison


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