Saturday 26. August, 15:00 - 18:00
THE EXPANSION WORKSHOp ~ studio puls ~ Möckernstrasse 111

early bird price: 45€ before 31 july / regular price: 45€

Body Activation and Improvisation in English


"just-for-June" 2017 early bird classes at hallesches haus 

8:45 - 10:00 ~ Tempelhofer ufer 1

Quadriga Akademie Berlin ~ Tagung Performance Management in Berlin ~ 22 May 2017

Quadriga Akademie Berlin ~ Tagung Performance Management in Berlin ~ 22 May 2017


agape zoe festival #9

body activation ~ 18 March ~ 12:30 - 14:30 ~ berlin, germany

We are delighted to welcome Michele Kadison at AGAPE ZOE Festival No 9. The former master dance teacher from New York will give us a taste of her body activation technique at the festival Sunday 12.30. Today we ask her: WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF?
"The advise I would give to my younger self is to find good mentors. Not to be afraid to ask questions and seek advice from people you respect who have more experience and wisdom. To look for those mentors who can help bring you to consciousness, awake-ness, to a deeper connection with the inner life."
HRM Forum

HRM Forum

Corporate Health Forum - 26 January 2017 - berlin, germany

body activation "jump session" for attendees


Extended Body Activation Workshop at K77

5 November 2016

10:00 - 14:00

K77 Studio

Kastanienallee 77 ~ Prenzlauerberg

25€  Advanced Registration

30 € Drop-In

This three hour Body Activation workshop introduces students to the principals of the new healing fitness technique, Body Activation. For the first hour and 15 minutes, we will work on basic exercises in order for students to gain a solid introduction to regular classes. A short meditation to seal the work into the body follows, and then we Flow!

The Flow is a voice guided free-form journey, allowing students to explore the freedom of expression through a newly open body and spirit. Moving in space, the Flow utilizes imagery and music that catalyzes the imagination and allows students to find their own physical expression and interpretation. With eyes closed, everyone has complete permission to be themselves!

The Flow ends with a more complete meditation experience to unite and balance physical, mental, and soulful energy.

To register please contact Michele at



TOCA Trips presents its Cuban Wellness Immersion Tour hosted by Michele Kadison:  7 days/6 nights in Havana – Las Terrazas National Park and Biosphere – National Park Escaleras de Jaruco  

Spend seven days and six nights activating your body and mind with an exciting combination of fitness and culture in some of Cuba’s most exquisite natural terrain. Each day you will be treated to a customized fitness session with Body Activation creator and movement professional, Michele Kadison, and her Cuban wellness specialists.   Designed to activate body, mind, and spirit, this new fitness technique unleashes each individual’s true movement potential with deep and lasting exercises that release tension while strengthening, toning, and healing the body.  Guests will participate in the group classes and may also book their own private where Michele and team will guide participants to relieve specific tensions as they stretch and tone their bodies.

Click HERE for more information on activities and to book your Wellness Immersion trip.



Body Activation at the Agape Healing Arts Festival #2

30 January 2016

11:30 - 13:00

Body Activation hosts "Wellness immersion" classes in Cuba for Toca trip


FREE Body Activation Workshop Lulu lemon mitte showroom

3 December 2015

7:15 - 8:15

Come early to get a space and bring your own mat if you have one!