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To have Michele in your city doing Body Activation is a gift. The exercises and movements she showed me in her Master Class in New York have stayed with me and my body feels so much more aligned and healthy because of it. She goes beyond what most instructors do within an hour, and what I took from the class was not only a physical experience, but a life altering one.
— – Pauletta Brooks, New York
I was amazed by Michele’s technique from my first Body Activation class. While I have done yoga and pilates regularly for 15 years, this incredibly holistic work has brought me a deepened body awareness that I had not ever felt before. Throughout the movements I sense that I am working towards a true understanding of my body’s capacity for movement, grace and flexibility.

Everything in Body Activation seems new yet comfortable, challenging yet doable. What I get out of every session is different, and the technique seems to work on just the issue or feeling I am needing to address that very day. And most of all – I am always amazed to notice that I never feel any soreness afterwards – totally the opposite. I consistently feel stronger, more centered and more connected to and within my body. I feel longer, leaner and totally physically present. This work is just fabulous.
— Rose Levine, Germany