Stretch, Strengthen, and Heal the Body

~ Body Activation ~

~ Correct posture ~ Reduce lower back and neck pain ~ Maximize circulation ~ Improve work performance ~ Gain greater mental clarity ~ Increase energy ~ 

Balance the Mind and Spirit

~ Therapeutic counseling ~ Nutritional counseling ~ Guided Meditation ~ 

The Body Activation technique is designed to enhance peak performance, whether you are a business person, athlete, or someone wanting to get the most out of your daily activities.”
— Michele Kadison
Yingli Xu Photography

Yingli Xu Photography

Workshops, Seminars, and wellness retreats

Body Activation is the perfect fitness activity for in-house or extra-curricular wellness sessions, meetings, conferences, and special events.

For information on corporate bookings and wellness retreats, please contact:

Petra Gümmer / / Tel: +49 151 2301 3054

Excellent techniques to loosen up and increase freedom of movement. The short body activation break on day one allowed everyone in the room to regain energy and start into the second half of the day with a fresh mind. Michele gave great advise on how to reduce tension and create inner space - little exercises everyone can do at work. The morning session on day two was more intense and by precisely correcting the exercises, Michele created a whole new level of body awareness. Participants loved it and felt strengthened and at the same time released of long held tensions.
— European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)

Group Classes

Ideal for group settings such as mid-day office breaks, inter-office activities, parties, performing arts studios, fitness and yoga studios, and for maintaining physical health on a regular basis with friends.  

Ishka Michocka Photography / Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation

Ishka Michocka Photography / Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation

Private Classes

Geared to your personal needs and goals, attuned to your specific learning curve, Body Activation is ideal for busy executives and people on the go. Give yourself the gift of a one-hour fitness class totally devoted to the well-being of your body and mind.

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Therapeutic Coaching for a Healthier Lifestyle

With over 30 years coaching people wishing to get in deeper touch with themselves, Michele offers new perspectives and possibilities for a healthier life style inside and out. Each one hour session focuses on what you need, be it a new approach to nutrition, fitness habits, or emotional balance.

Sebastian Elm Photography

Sebastian Elm Photography

Personal Coaching

Ideal for athletes and artists wishing to improve performance through a specialized curriculum designed to enhance alignment and dynamics.

Ishka Michocka Photography

Ishka Michocka Photography

As creative consultant for Toca Events (USA/Brazil), Michele has provided a wealth of insights and performance concepts for our ongoing events. Under her direction, our company has been able to transform the traditional business session format through movement and form by integrating Body Activation as an enhanced program component. In addition to business forums, Toca Events has introduced Michele’s Body Activation methodology to a diverse range of corporate clients and luxury destination hotels throughout the US and abroad…with overwhelmingly positive results!
— – Sean Gibbons / Toca Event Design & Production Miami, Fl / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil