Unique as we are, we need a technique that speaks to our individual bodies. Inclined to habit, we need corrections that guide us to healthier pathways for movement.
— Michele Kadison

Open Classes - All Levels

4 Class Card: 52€

Drop In: 15€

Class cards have a 5 week limit

monday and thursday evenings

20:00 - 21:15

Studio Puls

Möckernstr. 111 (Kreuzberg)

Bring a friend who has never been before, and s/he pays half price!

Sebastian Elm Photography

Sebastian Elm Photography

Intermediate Level Body Activation with Jazz Choreography

A coaching and alignment class for dancers and movement performers designed to heighten performance dynamics.  

Please tune in to the Facebook page as classes are not always in session

10:00 - 11:30
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 (Friedrichshain)
Drop in: 15€

Classes include:

  •  advanced exercises for improving line, placement, and core strength
  • focus on alignment and movement dynamics
  • understanding of how to move the body without injury
  • understanding of how to increase fluidity through work on walks, turns, and choreography  

Please contact me before you plan to attend

Sebastian Elm Photography

Sebastian Elm Photography


  Book private classes to:

  • deepen your understanding of the Body Activation technique
  • work on specific physical challenges you may have
  • develop your potential through exercises designed specifically for you

Also available: semi-privates for two or three people ~ office classes ~ workshops

Click here for prices and booking

I highly recommend visiting any class of Michele’s! She’s such a treasure and so is her teaching - as she truly committed her life to body work from the beginning. Many teachers are missing that special spark, or simply knowledge that goes deeper than a normal stretch. I’ve seen this a lot. I love that in Body Activation classes you also get to learn the whole idea about bio-feedback, what effect each exercise has on organs, bones and mind. I’m not getting money to advertise this, I really am in love with this NYC chic!

— Paul Auls ~ Berlin, Germany