Improving Your Quality of Life

Evan Kirby Photography

Evan Kirby Photography

When you improve your body you improve your quality of life. We already know that everything is connected, hence the emphasis on body/mind/spirit in so many fitness practices that focus on connecting inner and outer work.

 Developing a More Intelligent Physical Playing Field

From a Body Activation point of view, through concentrating on and developing conscious physicality, the mind and soul are immediately affected by the emphasis on alignment, grace, strength, and balance. As we create a more intelligent playing field with our physical selves, it is natural that we become become more sensitized and aware, more connected and discerning.


Through the years of practicing mindful fitness habits such as Body Activation I become more aware of other things that affect me. I notice what foods don't work well for me, how I need more hydration, how natural vs synthetic fabrics feel on my body, and how non-toxic versus toxic physical and emotional environments affect my mood and choices.

 As Inside, So Outside

Another byproduct of a conscious fitness practice is that as you feel better with yourself, you are more aware of helping others to feel better as well. As this happens, we then exponentially help the world to become a more comfortable place. It is just so obvious that as I feel better inside, I feel better I feel better outside, I become more loving, forgiving, and I connect with myself in a more balanced way, criticism and judgement fade I become more whole, I can create more ease around me.

 Discovering Our Boundaries, Challenges, Possibilities

When we open up our bodies, creating more room inside to expand through stretching, strengthening, and aligning, we discover more about our boundaries and challenges, as well as our possibilities. In this way, we become more curious about ourselves, which then expands to produce a greater curiosity about life. As we become more conscious of our capacities, almost magically more space becomes available for physical, creative, and spiritual movement and evolution.

 Honor Your Preciousness

So, choose your fitness practice well. Honor the preciousness of your body, mind, and soul and discover how this changes your view of the world and the quality of your life.