Welcome to Your Body

It’s only the last few years that I have begun to work deeply with non-dancers. It is a privilege, and in so many ways even more gratifying than teaching advanced and professional level dance classes to those who already have a deep relationship with their bodies.

I never would have believed that shifting into this other world would give me so much food for thought, so much material for growth, and so much gratification witnessing my students find their bodies in ways they could never imagine.

But it also has shocked me to the core.  

I created Body Activation out of a very thorough yet very fast dance warmup that prepared the dancer’s body for a dynamic and highly demanding Jazz class. Slowing down each exercise, dissecting it, and tailoring it to the non-dancer’s body has been a labor of love and revelation. The result is constantly evolving as I learn more and more about creating a healing fitness technique that welcomes students to their bodies in a non-intimidating way…. that allows each person to discover her/his movement potential through personal investigation into positions that open up the body to greater dimension and flexibility.

But... I am completely overwhelmed by how many people use perhaps even less than a 10th of their movement potential. How young people begin to ossify from the disuse of their bodies because of today’s sedentary lifestyle. How many people suffer from neck and lower back pain. How many people cannot move their hips or ankles in a circle. How many people are content with such a small amount of movement… just enough to get them through the day.

And of course, I see the relationship between the body and the mind and spirit. How the lack of dimensionality in the body reflects a rigidity in thinking and in belief.

We are born multi-dimensional beings. We are born to move. We are born to play and experiment. We are born to dance. Our forebears farmed and hiked and walked and did all sorts of things outdoors. They had a relationship to nature. They moved. Today I see so many people who come to my class with no relationship to their bodies. Their spines are locked, they cannot straighten their knees, they cannot twist and soften. It’s a tragedy.

Why aren’t children given dance and movement classes in school? Every child should be encouraged to move in service to the moment and to growing up into a stretched and moveable being. Every person deserves to be like a cat… ready for action and flexible in every way.

I am saddened by people’s lack of a relationship to their bodies. Saddened that this isn’t a priority, that so few see the relationship between an open body and an open mind.

It is my mission to help you find the beauty of movement again!  You had it when you were a child and you can retrieve it at any time with a bit of dedication and an attitude of joy and adventure!  Be your young self, stay your young self, walk into your new young self no matter what your age and you will awaken all of your senses, become more positive, and meet life with a greater feeling of self-worth and power. Don’t be afraid if at first you feel stiff and alien. It takes a little bravery and patience, but you’ll get there, as all of my students do with regular practice. Please don’t be content with less!  Go for your bigger self and welcome this self to the huge potential of a body that’s waiting to be activated!