Discomfort: The Catalyst for Personal Evolution

Photo: Lobo Studio - Hamberg

Photo: Lobo Studio - Hamberg

Even if you don't pay attention to astrology and how the position of the planets come into play to affect our emotions and impulses, it it difficult to deny that we are in a strong moment. Many people are feeling out of sorts, with events causing uncomfortable revelations. What we have accepted in the past is now becoming for some, quite intolerable – whether it is on a personal, social, or political level. This discomfort is asking us to get bigger as individuals; to explore ourselves to find out what is right, true, and meaningful; and to discover what is authentic to each one of us according to who we are at this point in time. We have no choice but to rise to the occasion, using all the tools we have, while not being afraid to explore uncharted avenues that may appear.

It is true that unexpected entryways into healing are coming forward to shake our old selves in order to liberate the new. It is time, and the entire planetary structure is set up for us to do this. We have no alternative... and anyway, why not? What else is there to do but to step into new territory since the old ways are not working?

New images of the self, new desires, and new possibilities are absolutely on the horizon. The moment is asking us to take the risk, move forward with bravery, and see what new adventures and possibilities appear to bring us closer to what feels right.

If we can figure out our main block, the primary stumbling block in our nature that has us stuck in a pattern that no longer serves, we can begin the liberation process. Taking a long and courageous stride out of our comfort zone to find the bold and inventive and creative person we are is the positive way to allow discomfort to be the catalyst for personal evolution.