Bridging the Body to Mind and Spirit

Sebastian Elm Photography

Sebastian Elm Photography

An effective technique for movement, fitness, and healing is always the one that unites the physical with mind and spirit.

Creating Space for Energy to Flow

We have an unlimited capacity to open, expand, and become healthier through exercises that open up spaces between muscles and bones. By creating more space for energy to flow by softening hardened connective tissue, circulation has an open channel throughout the body, which in turn puts it in better balance. When the body is in balance, creativity and clarity are stimulated, along with amplified access to the emotions. Opening up the body in this way is also how the brain can make better decisions and find freedom for greater creative expression.

Inviting Ourselves to Achieve

When a movement technique works towards the flow of progress, rather than pushing towards an idealized goal, we are also able to experience a more organic way of achieving flexibility, strength, and balance. When we force something, we create rebellion. When we allow, we create an invited road towards achievement.

Recognizing Ourselves as Unique

The more we recognize ourselves as unique individuals, the less stress we create inside. The physical body takes on stress as we try to conform to other people's ideas of what we should be, whether through the rules of society, our teachers, parents, or lovers. When we aren't in touch with our authentic nature, we are in a state of stress, even though we may not recognize it as so.

Creating the Bridge

An open body that comes from self-acceptance and love can appreciate what life has to offer as the mind and spirit follows, creating an atmosphere of healing. When you have a dynamic technique that is designed to work the body through physical awareness and sensitivity, you can achieve a perfectly toned and strengthened body, but through a softer attitude. When a movement technique such as Body Activation creates a bridge between the body, mind, and spirit, amazing things happen.