Overcoming Our Movement Limitations

So many of you out there are suffering from lower back and neck pain. It is no wonder, with hours in front of the computer putting strain on your spine, and the constant smartphone texting that wreaks havoc on the neck. With these repeated postures, the pain present in the localized areas starts to have an adverse effect by weakening the abdominal muscles, tightening the hips, and creating an overall malaise due to the limitation of movement.

Evolving Out of Your Limited World of Movement

When all of this is happening and you're in your twenties and thirties, it gets harder to correct compensations in the body that occur when your skeletal structure is out of alignment. As we get older and don't attend to evolving out of a limited three dimensional world of movement, all sorts of odd things start happening, such as pains in the pelvis, headaches, numbness, stiffness, and an eventual muddiness of thinking that comes from a lack of circulation.

Answering Questions

Taking a cue from my many years as a dance professional, I created the Body Activation technique out of years of investigation and constant questioning:

  • How does the body want to move when its in a more natural state?
  • What happens when tension is removed and we allow the body to go where it feels to go without restriction?
  • How do we encourage more healing inside the body?
  • Which muscles should be emphasized?
  • How do we move certain parts of our bodies with intention while keeping other parts at ease?

Activation, Expansion, and Healing

Fortunately I've had a long career, with lots of time for physical experimentation and examination. The result is a technique that provides an almost instant activating, expanding, and healing effect on practitioners. Geared to getting the body to move healthily through space, Body Activation deals with finding ways to move that enhance your range of movement, create more flexibility, and release areas that are blocked from tension and stress.

Allowing Rather vs Forcing

To “allow” rather than “force” the body to find its maximum range allows us to bypass judgement or any competitive feelings in order to simply say, this is where I am right now...let me breathe into the position and see what loosens up. And of course, this is where miracles happen as we stretch and lengthen the muscles, allowing the joints to breathe!

Lengthening Muscles, Powering the Core

There is hardly a more beautiful body than a lean and fully-formed dancer's body, and that is what Body Activation helps to achieve through exercises that lengthen the muscles and power up the core.

The technique consists of variations on dynamic exercises that are done standing, sitting, and laying down. The sensation of activating different parts of the body helps you get more acquainted with your own body and its particular ways of moving, while removing blockages due to improper alignment.

A Dancer's Approach

With a dancer's approach, you are able to feel your bodies in new and expressive way, whether you practice yoga, Pilates, TRX, or any other fitness protocol. In fact, some of the most responsive students are hardcore gym rats and competing athletes who recognize how essential focused stretch and tension-reducing exercises are to better performance.

With the grace of each movement sequence, Body Activation practitioners feel a new sense of mastery and coordination that can be applied to any other fitness or sports activity with results that invite you to go behind your perceived barriers.

For more information: www.bodyactivation.net