Flowing Body Work for Rediscovering the Body’s Potential

Body Activation is designed as a holistic practice to help you discover your body once again. A technique that comes from dance, Body Activation takes a non-static approach, guiding you to flow towards health as you master the sequence of exercises created to awaken and activate body, mind, spirit, and inner awareness. Designed to help your body move comfortably throughout daily tasks, the technique helps you understand and implement ways of movement that eliminate stress while increasing circulation.

Using the Natural Intelligence of Our Bodies

For people who are interested in an alternatives approach to wellness, Body Activation is based on time-tested and deeply effective movements that engage the natural intelligence of our bodies. Because the body wants to be healthy, flexible, relaxed, and strong, it will naturally and happily follow movements that are created to provide the necessary space for physical and emotional development.

Body Activation is for Everyone

The Body Activation technique is created to work with challenges and restrictions, working to help you find your full potential. It is especially effective for those of you:

  • used to repetitive movements that block a full range of motion
  • with restricted movement due to past or present injuries
  • who sit for long periods of time, placing stress on the sacrum and neck
  • wishing to reach a higher level of physical and mental function
  • wish to bring their physical performance to a higher level

Through exercises that build strength, tone, and stamina, Body Activation is easy to follow and incorporate into your daily routine, no matter your age, gender, size, or present abilities.

Awakening the Glands and Respiratory, Digestive, and Circulatory Systems

With Body Activation the emphasis is not only on the muscular and skeletal structures. Many of the exercises help to awaken the glands, as well as the respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems. With such a penetrating affect, you will feel a profound change that penetrates all the way to your very cells!

Feeling Lighter, More Grounded, Receptive, and Healthier

By engaging in the basic Body Activation sequences, students feel the effect of the technique right away. Body Activators feel lighter, more grounded, more open and receptive, and more inclined to enjoy healthy eating habits and sleeping patterns. (This, by the way, is not advertising, but has been proclaimed over and over by my students, with many of their testimonials posted on my blog!)

A Holistic Approach to Feeling Better

Having developed Body Activation over the course of my more than 35 years as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher… and including my intense and constant investigations into healing protocols as they relate to nutrition and optimum physical function… it is safe to say that Body Activation is based on a long journey of research and practice. In service to creating a more efficient body, Body Activation gives you a practical and doable method for moving healthily in your daily activities, and more!

For more information on the technique and classes:  www.bodyactivation.net