In Service to Our Emotional Bodies

photo by Oscar Keys

photo by Oscar Keys

When it comes to the emotions, most of us are aware at least to a certain degree of how our body reacts to stress, bliss, and everything in between. Have you noticed that you suddenly developed a neck ache or a migraine headache after a highly tense event? And what about how wonderful you feel when you fall in love, the endorphins filling your every cell to produce a physical euphoria that matches your inner feeling?

Releasing Old Material

But sometimes it can be quite complex for us to recognize the connection between physical discomfort and old emotional material that we have not yet released. Chronic lower back pain or a chronically throbbing hip may relate to an emotional event that occurred years ago, buried deep where we may never find the source.

Physically Feeling Our Emotional State

How is it that we feel our emotional state so physically? How is it that the mind, heart, and spirit can embrace or bury so many degrees of emotional material, transmitting the result into our physical structure where it lodges until released?

The (other) All Encompassing Web

That brings us to the subject involving that ubiquitous membrane of connective tissue called “fascia.” Fascia encases every part of our bodies, including bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, organs, and blood vessels. This diaphanously thin layer is also connected to our mind, which is the pathway from our emotional memory to our physical selves. Through this all-encompassing web we can feel the results of our ecstasy or anxiety; elation or trauma; love or anger in our very muscles, joints, and cells.

In Service to a More Balanced Body and Mind

It stands to reason that a fitness technique that helps to soften and provide greater flexibility to the fascia greatly influences the release of both physical and emotional stress.  A consistent practice using myofacial protocols helps to relieve stored emotional memory that is adversely affecting the body. By developing new physical habits that focus on creating more space in the body, we become more supple and open. Through techniques such as Body Activation, we can release many of our psychological issues in service to a freer, lighter, more vital and balanced body, mind, and spirit.