Increasing Our Movement Potential

Photo: Liisi Vihavainen for Body Activation  

Photo: Liisi Vihavainen for Body Activation


In my years of exploring  the natural movement of the spine, I've noticed that something even deeper than the obvious becomes liberated. Creating space between the bones, especially the vertebrae and joints creates a freedom of movement that truly frees our possibility to expand not just our movement potential, but also our ability to think and feel.

Working With Gravity

Our elemental selves are made of fluid and breath. Through the heft of muscle, we often block the body's ability to feel the flow of these two essentials. By working with the gravity of our bones to free the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around them, we start to feel the potential of true flexibility. By “allowing” rather than forcing the body to open ~ which means careful attention to the weight of gravity and noticing how by simply giving into it, the body naturally opens, with the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissue softening to create the stretch ~ we find a greater range of movement.

Liberating the Bones

As we stretch, we soften the connective tissue around our bones. This produces greater channels for the greater flow of blood and oxygen to carry nutrients to every cell. By opening up the body in this way, we create an environment where it is easier to heal lesions, bruises, and deeper infirmities. Through creating room in the body for more circulation, we keep our bodies in a more consistent healing state.

The Strength of the Spiral

First we create space. Then we strengthen. Working the muscles after we have given them room to move is what makes sense. By creating space in the spine and joints, we can indulge in the most organic of shapes, the spiral. It is the spiral that gives us the strength to endure, the strength to bypass or heal more quickly from injury. Does a blade of grass shoot up straight to penetrate the sidewalk and grow through it? No! Like any plant, its power is in the spiral. Like a screw, it describes a whirl as it makes its way towards the sun.

Applying Intention Instead of Tension

Learning to get out of our own way by creating space in the body is the constant theme and aim of Body Activation. Perform every movement with consciousness, making space and then using the muscles necessary. Observe where you hold tension. Let go of this tension and then apply "intention" to the movement at hand.

Freeing movement by liberating the bones from their held state, we can experience a joy in motion no matter what our age or exercise choices and habits.

Inspired Video

Click here to watch a beautiful video on Intrinsic Motion that illustrates the liberation and health of a fully conscious spine: