Fitness and Travel

From adventure-seeking friends to travel bloggers and statistic takers, it is quite apparent that people on the move are taking greater care of their bodies and minds while on the road. Travel and tourism sites all talk about wellness programs becoming as important as sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife when it comes to visiting foreign shores.

Often when we travel we worry about losing our waistlines and muscle power to days of adventure and eating restaurant food that is not always healthy. As we recognize that exercise and healthy eating are indeed key factors in combatting jet lag, creating better sleeping patterns, and increasing energy, the demand for maintaining health is more vociferous than ever!

The implication of a vacation means getting away from the stress of “every day” life. But all of us know that travel can actually be quite stressful. With tours that emphasize classes in tension-reducing techniques like Body Activation, meditation, and yoga, vacationers are finding they have much more stamina for enjoying their time away from home.

TOCA Trips is one company that is focusing on the wellness in travel trends by offering unique packages to a myriad of interesting locales such as Brazil, Cuba, and Tanzania. Incorporating Body Activation into some of their daily tour packages, along with other wellness and stress-reducing activities, the company is expanding its mission to give travelers the perfect balance between eco-tourism, cultural immersion, and health. Take a look at this great example of a TOCA Trips package here!

According to statistics gathered from cumulative Global Wellness summits, the integration of healthy habits into travel culture is definitely where the tourism industry is headed. This shift in attitude ensures that travelers keep up the healthy habits they've already developed at home, or find new ones to take back once they return.