Opening Up To Our Feelings

We are alive when we feel. When we stop feeling, when we put things on hold, when we say “when this happens, then I will feel this...” we postpone the most essential aspect of our humanness, which is our feeling self.

So often we think the most vibrant voyage is the exterior one. Busyness, being active and engaged with activity is so seductive. But when this is at the expense of our inner life... when we put our inner feelings on hold to instead embrace distraction, we bypass the greatest adventure, the greatest access to growth that there is... which is the interior voyage.

One of the many strengths of Body Activation is that the technique helps to connect the body to the heart through deeper physical awareness. By opening blocked channels in the body, whether caused by sitting too long, craning the neck over a smart phone, or denying the importance of a visceral relationship to movement, we allow ourselves to experience a true relationship to the art of living. When we lock our spine, neck, and hips, we deny ourselves the juiciness of possibility. When we lock our bodies in this way, we block circulation from the heart to all aspects of ourselves, both physical and emotional.

By putting our bodies on hold, we die a sort of enigmatic death. We don't notice it. The mind buzzes away while we become more remote from our physical life. But when we start to open up our bodies, our thoughts follow, and eureka!... we begin to release judgement, criticism, staunchness, and rigidity in service to greater flexibility, both physically and mentally.

When the body becomes free, so does our creativity. When the body becomes free, we release our imagination, which in turn releases our sense of possibility and potential. Through physical flexibility we are able to feel more deeply, more clearly, which in turn helps us feel more alive.

As we enter ourselves through a deeper relationship with our bodies, we start to respect what its like to be who we really are in terms of our authentic selves. We stop following what others expect of us and instead tune in to what we really feel and acting upon this instead of obeying rules that have nothing to do with our soul's true code.

Body Activation is designed to put you in greater touch with how your body moves, where you hold stress, how to notice where you are blocking the natural flow of energy, how to let go of tension, and how to allow your body to expand. Body Activation puts you in touch with how your body moves, and as you discover greater possibility, the mind and spirit follows, allowing you to embrace things you might otherwise not notice.

Being in touch with our bodies enhances our relationship to nature and to others. Are we listening, or merely waiting for the other to finish so that we can talk. Are we tasting our food, or merely swallowing in order to feel full. Are we listening to music to incorporate the sound into our bodies or are we merely finding a background to keep us from going deeper into our souls.

Through opening our bodies we loosen up, we get juicy.. and in doing so, we relate to ourselves and others in a different way. We become more sensual. And by doing so, we give others permission to do the same. A true awareness of the body allows us to better experience the moment, to live right now, fully and completely. Through opening our bodies we feel alive, allowing us to experience each moment to the fullest, and inviting others to do the same.

When we begin to become physically aware and physically open, we begin to enjoy the depth of each moment through the awareness of our feelings. Being aware of our bodies always translates to something deeper, allowing us to ask “how do I feel” rather than “what do I think” as we take steps out of the mental body and into the physical. As we get out of the mental state, we can begin to experiment more with our feelings, getting in deeper touch with them as we allow them to be our guide. As we learn to identify our feelings, we begin to lead a more authentic life, making decisions on what feels right, rather than what we think we “should” do.

Body Activation helps us focus on the joy of observation and sensation. It shifts the focus out of high mental activity to the sensual pleasure of deepening physical sensation as we get to know ourselves better through releasing tension and discovering our true potential as moving, sensual, feeling beings.