Physically Open and Free, the Hydraulic Way!

Photo by Ishka Michocka

Photo by Ishka Michocka

Getting into shape is a full body commitment. Usually we think about strengthening and lengthening our muscles and building bone mass, and lately the idea of the “fascia” has become popular and for good reason. Working to open up and soften the connective tissue around our muscles, bones, and joints is one of the best things we can do to create optimum flexibility. We also, of course, think about our joints... how to keep them pain free and open. But how often do we include tendons and ligaments in the conversation, unless we've injured them?

Body Activation works with the concept of hydraulics Think of a hydraulically run machine and you'll recognize how important it is for that machine to be properly oiled for it to run well. It is the same for the body. When the tendons and ligaments are properly lubricated by doing exercises that focus on keeping them pliable, we are less prone to injury and better able to sustain overall alignment in service to a healthier way of moving.

The way I put it is keeping the body “juicy!” Through specific exercises that focus on opening up and softening the tendons and ligaments we are able to release stored tensions and maintain a more lengthened and fit physical structure.

Opening up the joints, discovering ways to keep the spine supple, allowing the muscles to lengthen without force, enjoying the power of weight-bearing exercises to strengthen muscles and bones, and keeping the joints, tendons, and facia juicy and well-oiled all add up to a body that can withstand the stresses and strains of daily life. Make sure that whatever exercise protocol you choose includes exercises that focus on all of these areas, and that you have a teacher who is properly schooled in anatomy and healthy movement protocols who can guide and correct you.

Your fitness class should be like preventative medicine, where you get your dose of an all-over body workout that raises your awareness, your endorphins, and your ability to feel more physically open and free with each visit.

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