Awake, Curious, and On Guard!

Photo:  Chris Greenhow

Photo:  Chris Greenhow

As we see the influences of society on our daily lives, it is easy to understand how habits develop from contemporary norms. Technology has taken over, with superficial friendships easily made on Facebook, backs and necks taking the brunt from too much texting and typing, spare time is filled with idle Internet browsing and computer games, and the power of the media has tainted our ability to think clearly if we are not awake, curious, and on guard!

As always, we need to take control over our own education. We need to find the strength to overcome the temptation to fall into the easy traps that our present culture presents. With all that has occurred in recent politics, it is easy to see what the downfall of not thinking and acting with consciousness can do if we are not constantly vigilant and attentive.

As we strive for greater awareness and awakeness, this passes on to our children, whether we are parents, teachers, or friends of kids who look up to our maturity and experience. By becoming more aware of our daily actions and how they influence our thinking and transform our behavior, each one of us effects the world in favor of change.

Becoming more aware of our bodies... how we use them, what we put into them, and how we care for them in general is one of the ways we can experience positive transformation. How we use our minds... reading, conversing face to face with others, exchanging ideas, researching what we don't know, and delving deeper to discover what we really believe in, is a powerful way to learn about ourselves and others who share our planet.

As members of society, we don't have to conform to it, but we do need to engage in a more conscious manner in order to have the kind of world that embraces diversity, equality, freedom from fear, non-violence, and the basic right to health and happiness. Using our inborn creativity and imagination, we can unleash our inner freedom to express who we are and what we believe in. By sharing our gifts we give others permission to share theirs, which brings forth a richer, diverse, and endlessly entertaining and stimulating life.

Let's be in greater service to a life that celebrates discovery, beauty, truth, and the right to be ourselves.