The Value of Repetition

There is nothing wrong with repetition. When it comes to movement, repetition is actually an essential way for the body to begin to restructure itself.

Repetition in movement re-enforces and deepens the body's understanding of a particular exercise or position. Once you understand the basics of how an exercise works, you no longer have to think about it. You do it and find a more profound entry into the position each time.

When we do a movement or exercise only once, we are spending energy watching and mentally trying to assimilate what we see. Through repetition, we bypass this mental activity, allowing the movement to enter the body directly where it increases its impact the more we do it.

Classes that are designed with repeated exercises create greater muscle memory for the student. Of course there should always be a mix of exercises that allow the body to cross train, but always with a constant base that serves as a reference for the technique.

Body Activation works because it affords students maximum ability to change misaligned positions from the core, allowing for a more permanent restructuring that leads to less injury and a greater feeling of elongation, strength, suppleness, and health. With a wide range of exercises covering the gamut of movement, students can always rely on core exercises as a reminder of the basics, such as working the inner muscles rather than the exterior areas, finding the core, and respecting the spiral, which is the most natural way of moving the body.

When you are attuned to the principles of Body Activation, or any other system of exercise that incorporates repetitive movement or positions (Yoga asanas, for example) you learn to respect the act of deepening your knowledge as you release old holding patterns and find new possibilities within each exercise.

In an age where we are constantly seeking something new and different, protocols that ask us to focus inward, use what we know to expand our intelligence, and work through blockages in this manner, is a way to reconnect with ourselves on the deepest levels.

Through repetition, Body Activation is able to give you faster and long-lasting results than those activities that keep you on your toes with constant change. Quieting the mind is an essential part of opening the body to more expanded possibilities, and the mind does become quiet when the body has become attuned to specific exercises.

In repetition one often finds the greatest challenges, which for those of you with a tendency to become bored, will keep you focused on the task of going beyond your limitations and into greater possibility.