Body Activation and Unconscious Behavior

photo by Harman Wardani

photo by Harman Wardani

The beauty of having an activated body is the greater connection one feels with mind and spirit. When we are in touch with our physicality, the pathways to heightened experience are affected, bringing us closer to who we are while helping us to increase our potential.

The Habits We Develop Over Time

Many of us are not aware of the many habits we develop over time. Sitting with one leg crossed over the other with the elevated foot flexed with tension is one example. How many times have you observed someone sitting opposite you on a bench or in a train in this position, with the unconscious position of their ankle blocking blood and oxygen flow to the foot? Or how about shoulder tension? The moment we put our focus on this area, we can feel how much energy we put there that is unnecessary to the task at hand. And then there is breathing. When we start to put consciousness on inhaling and exhaling, we realize how shallowly we often breathe.

Dissolving Tension Through Awareness

So often we are unaware of where we put tension in the body. When we start to observe it in others, we begin to tap into our own habits. When we see it and feel it in ourselves, we can change our formerly unconscious behavior. The moment we feel tension in the ankle when we are sitting, we can ask ourselves why we need it. The answer is, we don’t, and the ankle relaxes. With repeated observation, the habit fades. When we start to feel our shoulders tensing, we can stop the automatic reflex, allowing our bodies to find greater ease. When we start to observe our breathing, we can regulate it and find greater depth in order to oxygenate our bodies more efficiently. When we do this, we also slow our breathing down, which in turn dissolves tension.

Using What We Need

Most of the time we are putting more energy into areas of our bodies than we require. With Body Activation techniques, we learn to use only those parts of our bodies that are necessary to accomplish a specific movement, with the other areas relaxed and ready for action when required. This creates a beautifully balanced physicality that in turn affects the mind.

A Poised State of Awareness and Calm

This is the state of the advanced martial artist. Like a cat, he or she is ready for whatever action is necessary, in a poised state of awareness and calm. Able to use the body to its utmost efficiency, this is possible because of the deep state of relaxation and a concentrated focus on what is essential to come into play for the given task at hand.

A Sense of Well Being and Accomplishment

Body Activation is designed to create this state within each individual. Each exercise is formulated to create the greatest amount of possibility for a given muscle group, the largest range for each joint, and the maximum of suppleness for ligaments and tendons. Through slow and dedicated movement targeted towards the individual’s capabilities, each person is guided to maximize his or her range of movement while gently creating a challenge to move further forward each time. With coordinated breathing, a deep and penetrating relaxation follows each exercise, creating a sense of well being and accomplishment, while dissolving any aches and pains that may have formerly existed.

Expanding Physical and Mental Ability

A steady, balanced body, mind, and spirit is the goal. A unified person who is in touch with him/herself, able to check for blocks within the body and mind, is the result. This healing and strengthening protocol places full consciousness on the practitioner’s present state, providing gentle guidance towards expanding physical and mental ability, no matter what the age or present state of restriction.

Removing Blocks for Total Movement

We all come in as babies with nothing barring us from total movement. As we go through life, daily tensions begin to take hold of our bodies, creating tension, blockages, and dis-ease. By going back to our original state where nothing is in the way of our physical and mental capacities, we allow ourselves to blossom anew.

A Non-Judgmental System of Exercise

Body Activation is a completely non-judgmental system of exercise. There is no competition, no sense of right or wrong. Starting from the point that our bodies need more love, attention, and kindness, there is a sense that we are firmly caressing the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones as we dissolve tensions standing in our way. There is an innate celebration that comes with every exercise, with a palpable sensation of accomplishment as blocks give way. There is a sense of permission that we are giving the body to do more, to become younger, to grow stronger and more flexible.

Beautiful Side Effects

There are many beautiful side effects to Body Activation. The skin begins to glow as more circulation is created. The glands and organs function more optimally as they are pumped with healthy oxygen and nutrients through liberating blockages inside the circulatory, nervous, and digestive system. The mind becomes clearer and more focused, helping the memory to become stronger. And of course, the spirit becomes lighter as we feel better about ourselves. In turn we become more in touch with our heart center, allowing us to become more loving. In this way relationships are strengthened. Many Body Activators observe that as they continue in their classes on a regular basis, most obstacles to a happier life begin to dissolve.

A Scientific and Holistic Approach

There is no “magic” to the practice. Created as a scientific and holistic approach to the body, Body Activation comes from years of investigation of physical movement. Finding the most efficient and effective exercises that can be applied to any body type, the protocol comes from intensive experimentation and in-depth experience.

Hands-On Guidance

Hands-on guidance is the key. Gently pointing you in the direction of correct placement, every exercise is observed, with loving corrections helping you to discover greater comfort and gain. Soon muscle memory takes over, where you can be your own guide, allowing you to practice on your own when the spirit moves you.