Increasing Our Sensual Relationship With The World

photo by Aaron Burden

photo by Aaron Burden

The combination of strength and fluidity is to me, what gives a body its beauty. Finding the marriage between linear movements and those that spiral is what creates a balanced form that finds its grace in both space and stillness.

Fitness techniques designed to develop the spiral and strengthen core muscles help to enlarge our capacity for more sensual movement. It is through releasing tension while keeping the core centered and powerful that we create a free body that moves effortlessly through space.

When there is too much focus on linear movement, which has been the trend and desire over the past years, we get a hard and often inflexible body. Certain activities can create many physical problems on the way to producing an idealized physical form that is tough and strong. Think about the impact of a hard surface when running and how it affects the knees, spine, and neck; or how too much weight lifting without stretching builds a protective physical armor that shortens the body's connective tissue. When done without the counter intelligence of deep spiral stretching, these types of exercises can severely limit one's ability to enjoy fully dimensional movement.

Spiral movement is what a plant does when it works its way like a gentle screw through hard surfaces to emerge into the light. Spiral movement is nature's way of finding maximum achievement through minimum effort. When we use techniques to strengthen spiral movement, the effect is also felt on mental processes and psychological reactions as rigidity and effort give way to a more forgiving perspective.

Techniques that respect the body's need for dimensional movement allow our bodies and inner natures to become more receptive to a wider range of possibility. By releasing and relaxing areas that are not directly in “use,” discovering the healthy alignment of the spine, and focusing on core muscle power, it is easier to maintain a healthier physical structure, which of course also affects our psychological state.

With exercises that work on abdominal strength, the spine can hold a healthier position, allowing the spiral to increase without hindrance or pain. By noticing where we are holding unnecessary tension – in the neck, shoulders, hips, and buttocks, for example – we can release these areas to allow for greater dimensional movement.

As we equalize linear movement with the spiral, our thinking is affected. Instead of rigid ideas, we begin to soften our attitude and become more open and forgiving. As we release tension and increase our range of movement we develop greater corporal sensuality, and in turn increase our sensual relationship with the world. Through the strength and fluidity achieved through exercise techniques like Body Activation, we enter a more healing relationship with ourselves that is the true reflection of what nature has in mind.