Yoga and Body Activation

Over the years, Yoga has become increasingly popular in western culture. Originally attracting those drawn to Indian spirituality, the many branches and styles of yoga can be found wherever people are searching for inner and outer balance.

Yoga's Shiny New Patina

Within the last decade or so, it is possible to find many yoga studios where centuries-old asanas are morphed into exercises that adapt to the western lifestyle. With competition increasing and the desire for self-expression, many innovative ideas have taken root, fusing yoga with acrobatics and other exercise forms. The desire for greater intensity, immediate results, and the allure of star personalities has given yoga a shiny new patina.

Eastern vs Western Bodies

Yoga was created for the Indian body, a body much softer and pliable than those in the west. In the west our bodies are harder. We don't sit on the floor naturally like Indians do, nor so comfortably. In general, our muscles are more constricted. Where the Indian body has a natural suppleness that easily responds to long periods of time in a single position, the western body needs more time to settle in to many of the positions required in yoga. Often our requirements for staying for long periods of time in one position are not met, as we try to adapt to asanas created centuries ago for a looser body type.

Designed for the Western Body

Body Activation is designed for the western body. It takes you deeply inside your physical structure through an understanding of the limitations that most of us have, due to the way we are formed and how we live our lives. The technique is made for the body in motion, with exercises developed from dance that help to warm up the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons before doing any type of strenuous fitness protocol.

Developing the Body from the Inside Out

In certain ways Body Activation is like yoga in that the focus is on developing the body from the inside out. It accomplishes this by concentrating on the core or inner muscles, while at the same time creating space between the joints so that muscles can release, making more room in the body for a wider range of movement along with the release of tension.

Respecting the Body's Natural Intelligence

Body Activation does not require students to spend a long time in one position. Working with the principles of biofeedback, it respects the body's natural intelligence, whereby physical memory will allow the body to open more and more as students maintain their practice.

Body Activation works to create a soft body that is powerful at its core. Every single exercise within the technique has been analyzed to assure that each movement guarantees the greatest potential for release and strengthening, based each student's place on her or his  journey towards greater flexibility.

Refining Your Yoga Practice

As a powerful system of alignment, Body Activation will help you refine your yoga practice. With deep attention to placement, corrections are designed to help you get the most out of each asana. Regardless of class size, you will always feel my touch as I gently guide your body where it requires adjustment.

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